• Track - Gee Whiz - Funky Little Party


    Funky Little Party

    Standing there, you start to wonder exactly how long you've been at this place. Whatever room that clock was in would probably be hard to find again. Now there's no telling.

    Somewhere between handing your jacket over at the door and a conversation about The Moon Race things got fuzzy. Did you just hear 'For What It's Worth'? Did that girl bring a fox? Before you get the chance to look for answers, it occurs to you that no one else looks as puzzled as you do. Then - the track changes.

    Right on cue, the questions which a moment ago threatened your composure dissolve into the ether. Something inside you clicks. You grab another glass of punch and look around again. That is a fox. This party just got interesting.

  • Track - Gee Whiz - Jazz


    Jazz (Vol.1)

    You hang up the phone and breathe in unexpected relief. Your night just got a lot more free. Being caught a little off guard you realize that this one is going to require some though. You fix a drink and take a seat in your favorite chair. Like a stroll through the neighborhood, you start playing through the evening's possibilities. Poker with the guys? Maybe a late dinner at The Beagle? None of it feels right. You realize that something is clouding your decision. Smiling, you walk over to the stereo and press play. Rolling pianos and breezy horns simmer into the living room. The cobwebs drift away. Jazz. You return to the chair, put up your feet and take another sip. 'Why go anywhere?', you think. You've already arrived.

  • Mix - DJ Biscuit & Doc Brown - New Magic in a Dusty World


    New Magic in a Dusty World

    Long considered dope, now considered classic - this epic 65 minute megamix turned heads and wrecked parties from LA to Japan. Donning the moniker 'Biscuit' and teamed up with the mighty Doc Brown, the duo cuts loose on a non-stop slice-and-dice of over 180 records.